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What Do We Do?

Our work emphasizes traditional, architecturally authentic detail while pursuing creative solutions for modern living. We design and build additions and renovations that respect the original structure. We reform and transform entire houses. We create and recreate kitchens and baths. We build new homes that transcend time. Our additions are designed to work in unity with the existing home in function and appearance.. Our new homes look and feel like they were built in the era of their style.



We embody the idea of "small business." The more a company grows, the more people it requires to manage the internal operations of the business. The result is a higher operating cost, which is passed on to the customer. Instead, we have kept our company lean, with a lower overhead that offers value to our customers. We have partnered with other small business owners, establishing strong and long-term relationships with them built on trust and reliability.

For example, instead of hiring in-house craftsmen, we work with craftsmen that own their own businesses, and understand the challenges that come with being a small business owner. We don't have to focus on micro-management or operating costs associated with each trade, nor do we need to worry about keeping them busy when business slows down. They have as much skin-in-the-game as we do, and as small business owners they show up everyday and earn their business-- just as we do.

You may expect that this style of business would result in a merry-go-round of faces on our job sites, but in fact it is just the opposite. Through 35 years we  have identified the best and most trustworthy craftsmen around Richmond and many of them have worked with us for decades. We continue to provide them with business and they, in turn, provide us with great and reliable service.

And after all of this time, they continue to show up everyday and earn their business.

Who is steve Berg?

Steve Berg came to Richmond from Cheyenne, Wyoming to attend VCU Arts. This education became the foundation for his building and design career. Soon after completion of his degree Berg founded Berg Building in 1981. Berg’s background in fine arts taught him to see each project with fresh eyes; to see the possibilities expressed by his client’s needs as an opportunity to expand and illuminate the integrity of the home. Berg combines his artist’s creativity with a love of traditional architecture and decades of building experience to ensure that each project receives the attention that all artwork deserves. Each of our homes is a work of art.



Julia Berg Lee joined Berg Building & Design in 2018, bringing with her 5 years of experience in business development and fundraising in both the Foregin Affairs and corporate spheres, along with 3 years of experience in Interior Design in Washington, DC. After working under the tutelage of the Architectural Digest Top 100 firms, of Darryl Carter, Inc. and Mary Douglas Drysdale Design, Julia worked as an independent designer in Washington, completing projects in the Georgetown and Kalorama neighborhoods. Julia holds a B.A. in Politics & Foreign Affairs from the University of Virginia, where she minored in Art History, and is a graduate of St. Catherine's School in Richmond.





Head Carpenter

cabinet maker


Moe Elmore graduated from Virginia Tech in 1988 with a degree in Building Construction. With over 32 years of building experience, he has worked in every facet of construction outside of electrical, plumbing and HVAC. His background includes general carpentry, finish trim, cabinets and casework, as well as furniture and other woodworking. He also has experience with steel and concrete construction systems, which makes him a great consultant for our design process. As our Head Carpenter, he  handles everything from framing to finish trim, and does everything in between to make sure that the customer is happy with the end result.

OB Yancey is a 7th generation carpenter, having literally grown up with wood in his hands. He is the first of his bloodline, however, to narrow his focus exclusively on custom cabinetry and casework. After working in various custom wood-shops, OB started his own full service business called Woodwright Cooperative. Not only do they custom build with any kind of wood you can imagine, but they also provide specialty finishes such as glazing and distressed-looks. With over 43 years of professional experience and two decades of working with Steve, OB is among our finest and most reliable craftsmen.

Dave Collins began working as an electrician  in 1985, earning his state license in 1991. The following year, he earned his state master's license. In 1998, Dave and Steve worked on their first project together, and since then Dave has become a trusted member of the Berg team. With over 30 years of experience, Dave offers valuable insight and knowledge in all things electrical-related.

Steve Berg founded  Berg Building in 1981 after earning a BFA  at VCU.


Berg’s background in fine arts  taught him to see each project with fresh eyes; to see the possibilities expressed by his client’s needs as an opportunity to expand and illuminate the integrity of the home.



      We develop the designs for the majority of our homes. Our design work is not just a service to our clients but our passion. This passion for perfecting the house also works hand in hand with our building expertise to ensure that it can be built, and built on budget.


To this end...


We approach each project with a three-part process:




Feasibility studies


A detailed analysis of the concepts and costs. We will test the ideas before committing your money and heart to the planning.  




This process includes design development as well as specification, schedules and final pricing.  



With planning complete we will transform your dreams into your home.


rigorously BY HAND



We rely on over 30 years of knowledge and experience to quickly assess the critical issues involved in your project.  While you certainly will have ideas on what you would like to do, it's important to consider the conditions that may impact the construction time line or scope of work.


strong Communication


Drawing a design detail in 3/8"=1' scale may seem reasonable when you are at a drafting table and have an architectural scale handy, but not so much when you are on site and only have a tape measure. Having worked in the trades, we understand our audience when drafting construction documents. So often professional and licensed designers forget who they are addressing with their plans--omitting or over-complicating critical information-- and the design suffers for it.


Construction documents should be thought of as an instruction manual for building a model; and the tradesmen, the model-makers. Many of our tradesmen have been working with us for decades, and we know exactly how to present them with the right information in a format that is clear and concise.


attention to detail


Having run his own carpentry business and cabinet shop prior to starting his design-build firm, Berg's knowledge  and experience are rooted in building. We combine that expertise with our backgrounds in design to produce drawings that emphasize  technical precision as well as attention to beauty. We understand that it is the details that make a design great.


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