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Whole House Reformation


     The main focus of the project is an addition that protrudes out from the rear facade. The protrusion runs perpendicular to the axis of the main structure, breaking up the facade while creating interesting spaces for both the interior and exterior.


     The interior of the new addition features a large family room--which is flooded with natural light-- as well as a breakfast room, which is located directly adjacent to a newly renovated kitchen. The space located between the kitchen and newly-added family room is turned into a handsome library, with built-in casework added to the original fireplace.


     The second story of the addition houses the new bathroom and closets for the master suite, as well as a porch balcony that overlooks the river.



      It was important to consider the exterior landscape, and its relationship to the river. Stone patios and planters help connect the building to the site, while stone walkways link the patios to one another, encouraging movement around the exterior of the house.


     The front facade of the house was also addressed. The frieze on the front porch was raised to create the proper proportions for a classical facade.



Family room

breakfast room

game room


whole house reformation

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