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Adding Exterior Grandeur

new entrance

master bathroom



new circular driveway



The focus of this project was the exterior, specifically adding some grandeur to an already magnificent property. Located in the Stratford Hills area of Richmond, this home has 3.5 beautiful wooded acres and a location close to the James River. However, the front of the home did not engage occupants upon arrival. The driveway led directly to the garage doors, which were located on the side of the house.

 A new circular driveway was added in front of the house. This serves as both a parking area for visitors, as well as a orienting device for the property. A pine tree is located at the center of the driveway, on an axis that lines up with the front door. This serves to connect the driveway to the entry of the home, in a way announcing its presence.

 This idea of announcing the entryway is reiterated by a large brick staircase--flanked by stone planters--and then again by a new Federal Style pediment that protrudes from the front door.



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