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Our designs incorporate a lifetime of pragmatic experience with a continual striving to grasp the beauty of all great forms. Our best designs express that universal while weighing the often-competing priorities of function, taste, logistics and cost. We create unique solutions that meet the particular needs of our clients but the buildings themselves express the timelessness of beauty.



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Our Work

New Construction

5 Huntley Road presents an exciting opportunity to design your dream home just steps away from the popular Libbie/Grove corridor. After extensive consideration, we have  thoughtfully crafted three design concepts that take advantage of the lot's topography and its beautiful views. While we have laid out the broad strokes, there are still so many details to be determined and endless opportunities to make this home meet your specific needs. If you are interested, feel free to contact us and we would be happy to explore all the possibilities of this project with you.


Innovative Construction Methods

At first glance, the explanation for this project seems pretty straight-forward: the client wanted an outdoor "living room" for her garden. The reality is that delivering on her vision was an exercise in engineering, design, and innovative construction methods. For a detailed analysis and explanation on the project, see the portfolio description here.

     "Of all applied arts, architecture is the least progressive -- that is, while engineering and technology evolve, architecture itself, its forms and spaces, is constant. . . Architecture, especially great architecture, does not become obsolete.."

—Witold Rybczynski, The Perfect House

What We Do

     In addition to construction, we provide design services that focus on architectural principles-- typically relating to building structure and spatial organization. Simply put, we focus on the bones of a house with the intent of maximizing its character. This permits the decorative elements that stylize a space to remain fluid, while limiting the need for future renovation.

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