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Master Bath Renovation


This project was another master bathroom renovation. However, in this case we actually did relocate the toilet. The toilet was moved to a private commode, located by the entrance to the bathroom. The main circulation axis running between the master bathroom and bedroom was shifted a few feet outward toward the exterior of the house, permitting space to relocate the walk-in shower.

Moving the toilet not only granted privacy, but also optimal space for a large double vanity sink. The new vanity mirrors the existing soaking tub, matching it in length and materiality. A tall window with plantation shutters separates the vanity from the tub, punctuating the end of the secondary circulation axis that extends from the new walk-in shower. Storage cabinets were placed along the primary circulation axis, across from the private toilet room.





The walk-in shower is located where the primary circulation path meets the secondary circulation path, forming an "L" shaped pathway. This is an ideal configuration, as the slope of the roof intersects with the bathroom entry, inhibiting the room's ability to be one large open space. However, the original layout did not maximize the efficiency of the space, lumping all of the programmatic functions (toilet, tub, shower, sink) into a single area--after the bend in the "L".  Spreading these fixtures out along the circulation path not only grants more privacy for the users, but makes the space feel larger and more open.

The slope of the roof and ceiling in the bedroom created an issue for the doorway to the bathroom. This is due to the decision to shift the primary circulation axis outward toward to the exterior of the house. It was not possible to use conventional rectangular doorways without compromising their aesthetic. Our solution was to instead use arched doorways.


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