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Opening up a Floor Plan


The crux of this project was to improve an old garage addition, which had been added about 30 years prior. The purpose was not to improve its function as a garage, but rather to improve the flow of the house by converting the garage into a mud room with storage space. The driveway, which originally connected to the garage on the side of the house, was cut back away from the house, replacing it with a stone path leading to a covered entrance.

The layout of the interior was reconfigured to better mediate the connection between the original house and addition. The kitchen was reorganized and opened up to the family room behind it, and the floor of the adjacent laundry room was raised to the same level as the kitchen. An awkwardly-shaped side porch was demolished and enclosed to make a nice dining nook for the kitchen.

One of the more glaring issues with the interior was a wall that separated the main staircase and the dining room. This was removed and reconfigured to allow an open transition between the spaces.




new entrance

family room

improved circulation

mud room

eat-in kitchen

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